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Photo Gallery: How to Support the Movie…Can you imagine a feat so big, so awe-inspiring that you just know it Must be shared with the world?  Bryan Jennings, founder/director of Walking on Water Films and Bruno Lemos, founder/ producer of Souls4Jesus Hawaii productions, have witnessed such a feat and caught the vision of giving it to the world.


Derek Rabelo, born May 25, 1992 in Spirit de Santos, Brazil, was ushered into this world with a prayer on his dad’s lips.  His dad, a surfer, prayed that his son would one day become a professional surfer.  However, upon Derek’s birth, it seemed that that prayer would not be answered. Derek had been born blind.  Seventeen years later, though, Derek approached his father with a desire, a desire that seemed impossible; a desire that took Derek on an incredible journey.  Derek wanted to learn how to surf.  Not only did Derek want to learn, but he wanted to ultimately surf one of the world’s most hard-core surf terrains—Pipeline on Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore.
Derek’s dad contacted a surf coach, and three punishing and laborious years later, Derek’s tenacity paid off as he surfed Pipe and garnered admiration and awe from surf legends around the world who saw the YouTube video created by Bruno Lemos of Souls4Jesus Hawaii Productions.  Lemos knew that he had witnessed a miracle and a story that would change the world.  Through a series of God orchestrated events, while in Rio, Brazil, Lemos met Bryan Jennings, founder/director of Walking on Water Films.  As the Lemos and Jennings talked, they decided to team together to produce Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story. 
Jennings has a vision for this movie, a vision that will enable people who think they can see to be able to really see.  This is a movie that puts feet to the term “Walk by faith, not by sight.” Click Here to read more about You can support the movie by making a tax deductible donation Here:


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