Go! Horizon North County Church

October 7, 2013

Bryan Jennings (Producer and Co-Director of Beyond Sight movie) was honored to share the message at all four services at  in San Diego this weekend. Derek Rabelo (Blind Surfer) was an inspiration for this message.  You can watch and listen … Continue Reading

Beyond Sight Movie Update

September 26, 2013

Beyond Sight Movie Update: Beyond Sight Movie In Theaters! Last Thursday night we had a great VIP Pre-Screening of the Beyond Sight movie in Encinitas, CA. The purpose of this test screening was to receive much needed audience feedback as … Continue Reading

Beyond Sight Movie Update

September 5, 2013

It is very encouraging to see the Beyond Sight movie coming together! The rough cut of the Beyond Sight movie will be finished by September 5th and we will then be hosting VIP Pre-Screenings of the movie around the nation. … Continue Reading

Audio Adrenaline “Beyond Sight” Official Believer Music Vid

audio adrenaline beyond sight
August 15, 2013

Audio Adrenaline Music Video Featuring Beyond Sight Audio Adrenaline – Our last update featured Derek’s trip to Southern California as a special guest at Walking On Water Summer Surf Camps and the filming of the Official Believer Music Video by Audio Adrenaline. Believer was … Continue Reading

Beyond Sight – Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo Surfs Pipeline Again

December 8, 2012

Blind Surfer: Hawaii Filming Trip Hawaii Today was our second day of filming Beyond Sight in Hawaii, December trip. It was an incredible morning filming blind surfer Derek Rabelo surfing Pipeline with John John Florence and several other amazing pro … Continue Reading