Audio Adrenaline “Beyond Sight” Official Believer Music Vid

audio adrenaline beyond sight
August 15, 2013

Audio Adrenaline Music Video Featuring Beyond Sight Audio Adrenaline – Our last update featured Derek’s trip to Southern California as a special guest at Walking On Water Summer Surf Camps and the filming of the Official Believer Music Video by Audio Adrenaline. Believer was … Continue Reading

Beyond Sight – Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo Surfs Pipeline Again

December 8, 2012

Blind Surfer: Hawaii Filming Trip Hawaii Today was our second day of filming Beyond Sight in Hawaii, December trip. It was an incredible morning filming blind surfer Derek Rabelo surfing Pipeline with John John Florence and several other amazing pro … Continue Reading

Hawaii Filming Update – Beyond Sight the Movie

December 5, 2012

Hawaii Filming: Today was our first day of filming Beyond Sight here in Hawaii. The day started out with surfboard shaper Eddie Piccalo presenting Derek Rabelo with his Diamond Head surf boards. Derek and his surf coach Maru, placed stickers from … Continue Reading

Kickstarter Updates – Lets Make a Surf Movie


Kickstarter Surf Movie Project Update #3: Christian Surfers Switzerland Get On-board with Beyond Sight Reading the latest WOW Newsletter, I saw a familiar face in the Beyond Sight Surf Movie article. I remembered being inspired after seeing Derek Surfing Pipeline … Continue Reading

Beyond Sight

beyond sight movie
August 30, 2012

Beyond Sight the Movie – Two weeks before Bryan Jennings traveled to Rio, Brazil with 3X World Champion Tom Curren, He watched a powerful youtube video produced by Bruno Productions about a blind surfer who surfed pipeline.  “I was absolutely … Continue Reading