Hawaii Filming Update – Beyond Sight the Movie

Hawaii Filming: Today was our first day of filming Beyond Sight here in Hawaii. The day started out with surfboard shaper Eddie Piccalo presenting Derek Rabelo with his Diamond Head surf boards. Derek and his surf coach Maru, placed stickers from Derek’s sponsors, Billabong, Cobian Sandals, and Souls for Jesus carefully upon the boards.

Then it was off to Pipeline where Derek visited with Rob Machado, John John Florence, Koa Rothman, and Derek Ho. Derek, Bryan Jennings, and Bruno Lemos discussed the surf conditions and decided tomorrow morning would be the perfect day for Derek to paddle out and surf Pipeline.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  Please continue to ask all your friends to become one of our Backers on Kickstarter!  We only have 16 days left to reach our goal of $77,777 for the production budget of this very special movie!!  thank you!!!  For Kickstarter click here

Take The Ten Friend Challenge!

Paul is a long-time supporter of Walking On Water.  He recently started an email chain to engage his network.  The idea is that if he tells 10 friends to pre-buy the movie at $25 and they each tell 10 friends, with just 20 people taking on this challenge the goal is reached. Check out our last blog article by clicking here

Maybe you can take on the 10 friend challenge?


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Hey Friends, 

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At a minimum, Please pre-buy the movie Today (you are going to buy it anyway)! Go to http://kck.st/SPO0yQ and become a $25 Backer or choose a higher Backer level if you like. You will be sent a 2012 tax receipt before Christmas and the movie will come in Spring 20113. Bryan Jennings needs your help before December 21st. 

Please forward this email to as many of your friends as possible to help spread the word and reach the goal.


Peter King and Rob Machado with blind surfer










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