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Thank you for your interest in being part of the BEYOND SIGHT OPERATION 300 TEAM! We will be working with business leaders and partner ministries to host 300 Movie Screening Events on the weekend of March 14, 2014. This ambitious plan will require many friends like you to partner with our Operation 300 Team to make this happen!

Please answer the following questions to help us know the best way to partner with you and others in your community. Thank you very much for being willing to live by Faith and not by Sight.
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Operation 300 Details


Host a Beyond Sight VIP Pre-Screening:  The purpose of a VIP Pre-Screening is to generate awareness in a region and establish its Operation 300 Team – Movie Screening Sponsors, Host Speakers and Movie Screening Promoters.  The VIP Pre-Screenings are for business leaders, ministry leaders and other influencers but not open to the general public.  The Operation 300 Vision will be presented following the Pre-Screening of Beyond Sight – The Derek Rabelo Story.

Sponsor a Movie Screening:  The Operation 300 Team will establish strategically located theaters in your region.  You will be committing to pre-buying seats in the theater for a specific screening the weekend of March 7, 2014.

Host Speaker for a Movie Screening:  The Host Speaker presents a message following a Movie Screening.  Derek’s powerful story of Living by Faith and not by Sight sets the stage for you to reach the audience with a personal message.

Promote a Movie Screening:  Filling the seats at Sponsored Movie Screenings will require Grass Roots marketing and promotion. If you have a heart to serve with you time and talents, please let us know.

Note: We expect that many Beyond Sight Movie Screening Teams will bring together all the resources to make their event successful; however, if you feel called to fill just one of these rolls, we can connect you in your community to help reach this generation!


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I encourage other influencers in my region to become part of Operation 300? The Operation 300 Team has launched the VIP Pre-Screening Tour of Beyond Sight.  These VIP Pre-Screenings will happen between September 2013 and February 2014 and are only for Leaders and not open to the general public.  The goal is for these leaders to commit to being Screenings Sponsors and Host Speakers on opening weekend March 14, 2014.  We are in the planning stage of rolling out the tour and are actively seeking partners to Sponsor a VIP Pre-Screening in major markets where at least 200 business leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, and influencers will be in attendance.
  2. How much does it cost to Sponsor a Beyond Sight Movie Screening? Cost of pre-buying a screening is $12 per seat or $3,600 for a 300 seat theater.  Additional costs may include printing of promotional materials such as posters and flyers.  Walking On Water will provide all artwork “ready for print” if you choose to use them.
  3. If I commit to being a Screening Sponsor can I recoup my costs through ticket sales for the event? Your initial outlay of costs can be recuperated depending on your strategy for the Movie Screening Outreach; e.g. Ticketed Event, Free Event or Combination.  We encourage you to sell the tickets to your church congregation, friends, and co-workers; however, you can also give away tickets – it’s your event!  As we get closer to the screening we will be providing online resources that will help you manage ticket sales and distribution.
  4. How do I select a theater for the Movie Screening? Walking On Water will work with you on selecting centrally located theaters within your region to provide ease of access for multiple Sponsored Movie Screenings.  The Operation 300 Team will manage media distribution, theater contacts and bulk ticket purchase information for your convenience.
  5. Can I choose my own individual movie theater for a Screening? Individual theaters will only be considered if 3 Movie Screenings can be booked at the venue during the weekend of March 7-9.  Cost of media distribution precludes single Screening Events.
  6. Do I have to host my screening at a movie theater if I have another venue in mind? Our Phase 1 Release Strategy will be in movie theaters only.  If you would like to host a Beyond Sight screening event at your school, church, or other venues you are welcome to do so after May 1, 2014.  We encourage you to help us reach our goal of 300 movie theater screenings on opening weekend March 7th, 2014!
  7. What message do I deliver as a Host Speaker? Walking On Water has prepared a Host Speaker package to support you in sharing what Living by Faith means in our daily lives.
  8. What tools are available to promote Beyond Sight Movie Screenings? Walking On Water has prepared a Movie Screening Promotion kit that includes “print ready” posters and flyers, stand-up theater posters, behind the scenes videos, Beyond Sight merchandise and on-line ticketing resources.  You can distribute flyers and posters throughout your community. You can share the movie website on your website, Facebook, email Blasts, Instagram, and other Social Media Your Pastor can show one of the short video clips in announcements or use as part of his sermon.  You can also contact your local media and ask them to write articles about this special movie and story.
  9. What if I don’t have the money but love the movie and want to help?
  10. We encourage you to take the next step of sharing the movie website and trailer with friends, business leaders, and pastors to cast the vision of Operation 300 – 300 Movie Screening Events in One Weekend.
  11. I have never done this before, will you team help me through it?
  12. YES!  You will be assigned an Operation 300 Team member who will help you along the way!

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